Watch Me Move – The Animation Show

Watch Me Move – The Animation Show
September 1, 2013 paperlesslion
Duck Amuck


Here’s your last chance to experience the most extensive animation show ever mounted at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Watch Me Move: The Animation Show features both iconic moments and lesser-known masterpieces from the last 150 years. The unique exhibit closes Jan. 5, 2014, so make plans ASAP.

The incredible tour of animation from its beginnings more than a century ago to the masters of the present day is displayed on big screens and small — and stages that demonstrate what the future may hold. The public rarely enjoys such an opportunity to experience this incredible array of animation techniques from more than 100 animated film segments from across generations and cultures.

“Artists have been experimenting with ways to create the illusion of movement throughout history,” said Graham W.J. Beal, DIA director. “Animation as an art form offers limitless opportunities for creativity, and this exhibition illustrates how artists use the medium not just to entertain, but also to explore cultural issues and elements of the human condition.”

The exhibition includes animation’s great inventors, innovators and artists, from Georges Méliès and Chuck Jones to William Kentridge and Tim Burton, as well work from animation studios such as Walt Disney, Aardman, Studio Ghibli and Pixar.

The exhibition is divided into seven interrelated chapters:

  • Apparitions – the emergence of the animated image
  • Characters – animation’s ability to construct powerful, complex personalities
  • Fables – the use of animation to re-present existing myths and fables and invent new ones
  • Structures – underlying formal and conceptual structures of the medium
  • Fragments – animated narratives in a post-modern world
  • Superhumans – the exaggerated, extended character
  • Visions – mapping animated worlds onto the “real” world.

Elliot Wilhem, host of the DIA’s Detroit Film Theatre, discusses the new @DiaDetroit exhibit “Watch me Move,” on a special Projection Booth Podcast.

The image above is from “Duck Amuck” a 1954 cartoon starring Daffy Duck, produced by Warner Brothers and directed by Charles M. Jones, featured in the DIA exhibition, “Watch Me Move.” That’s not all, folks! Click here to see more.

The image above, depicting visitors at the exhibit, is from the Knight Arts Foundation.


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