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Poet Tawana Petty pours her soul into her performances; MEND helps women survivors of abuse on their journeys of recovery; And Detention Nation's lens on the immigration system. Plus, host DJ Oliver interviews founder of the Art&Soul Dreams Exhibition.

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Friendship Circle creates an opportunity for its members to thrive; Ann Arbor Art Center Kids Camps are packed with artistic creativity. Episode 612.

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Eastern Market After Dark

Celebrate special makers and sustainable design with Marche Du Nain Rouge, the Detroit Design Ball and friends on Thursday.


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Beethoven & Blue Jeans

Wear your favorite pair of jeans when Michigan Philharmonic Orchestra opens its 72nd season with a splashy showcase of stellar orchestral music, Saturday in the Village Theater at Cherry Hill.


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Poetry (and People) Wanted

Dr. Anton Anderssen and the Poetry Society of Michigan ask poets with disabilities to express their hopes, dreams and heartaches through the artistry of language.

Selected poems will be read aloud at the upcoming PSM conference.


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'I Have a Heart for Education'

"Do we care enough about the future of our children to get it right?"

That was the crucial question posed by our latest American Black Journal One Detroit Roadshow, hosted by Stephen Henderson and Christy McDonald.  

Watch On Air or Online Wednesday at 7 p.m., or On Demand anytime.


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