Detroit Performs TV: Arab-American Art (Episode 103)

Detroit Performs TV: Arab-American Art (Episode 103)
July 2, 2013 Cheryl Jones

DJ Oliver visits the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and several Arab-American artists are featured including Nawal Motawi owner of Motawi Tile Works, Iraqi-American poet Dunya Mikhail, and Farooq Hassan a treasured painter in Baghdad.

Watch the Nawal Motawi segment

Nawal Motawi began Motawi Tile Works in 1992 by herself in a garage and sold her art tiles at the local farmer’s market. Now, she has 25 employees and Motawi Tile Works has several installations around Ann Arbor, including one on every floor of the University of Michigan Hospital.

Watch the Dunya Mikhail segment

Iraqi-American poet Dunya Mikhail left her home country of Baghdad in 1965 when she was targeted by Saddam Hussein’s regime. Now, residing in Michigan, she shares with us what it means to be an American and the different ways she approaches poetry in English versus Arabic.

Watch the Farroq Hassan segment

Farroq Hassan began his career as a painter in Baghdad 50 years ago. He fled the country when the Iraq war broke out, leaving behind his life as an accomplished and renowned artist.

Watch the Uzma Mirza segment

Uzma Mirza is an Islamic Calligraphy Artist and paints with words. Combining music, faith and painting – Mirzna takes names from the Quran and paints them as musical notes.