Detroit Performs TV: Detroit Music Hall part 2 (Episode 107)

Detroit Performs TV: Detroit Music Hall part 2 (Episode 107)
July 23, 2013 Cheryl Jones

In this episode of Detroit Performs: DJ Oliver is back at the Music Hall for the Performing Arts to check out The Jazz Café and the Rooftop 350 Terrace.  An oboist finds confidence in his instrument, CriticCar meets up with moms at the DIA, a close-knit family takes to the backyards in Palmer Woods to play their music, plus a guitar builder shows us his craft.

Watch the Myles Harlan segment

Oboist Myles Harlan is a young artist that finds confidence in his instrument. Harlan shares his love for the oboe and the story of how he came to play it

Watch the CriticCar segment

CriticCar Detroit hears from citizen critics about the joy of bringing children to the DIA for some hands-on art experience.

Watch the Jannina Norpoth segment

Violinist Jannina Norpoth had her solo debut with the DSO at the age of 13. Since then, she has played with famous artists on stage. Now, you can find her performing at “mini-music festivals” in her neighbors’ yards throughout Palmer Woods with her dad, a good friend, and her husband.

Watch the Charlie Hoffman segment

Charlie Hoffman has built over 600 guitars since 1970. Hoffman takes us through the process of building a guitar and shares his love for the instrument in every form.