Detroit Performs TV: Techno Pioneers (Episode 105)

Detroit Performs TV: Techno Pioneers (Episode 105)
July 16, 2013 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs – Explore a unique music festival held every year in Detroit, CriticCar Detroit shares citizen reviews of the arts, an artist “paints” with his camera, and finally meet a young group of artists who use music to share their stories of growing up in Detroit.  Plus, host D.J. Oliver tours Hart Plaza downtown.

Watch the Electronic Music Festival segment

Movement is an Electronic Music Festival held in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit.  DJs & Producers Brendan Gillen and Dan Bell talk about the history of the festival.  Techno Pioneer Juan Atkins shares his story and the birth of techno music in Detroit.

Watch the CriticCar - Movement Music Festival segment

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Watch the Michael Eastman segment

Photographer Michael Eastman has a different view on photography than most, having been accused of photographing like a painter.  Light and texture pique his interest and subject matter comes second.

Watch the Dirty Politix Records segment

A group of young artists use music to escape and express themselves.  Dirty Politix Records is a group started by a few friends who shared one common passion.