Detroit Performs TV: Arthur Miller Theater (Episode 110)

Detroit Performs TV: Arthur Miller Theater (Episode 110)
August 27, 2013 Cheryl Jones

This time on Detroit Performs: Detroiter Antonio “Shades” Agee goes from painting on the streets to creating art around the world; Lifelong musician Aaron Dworkin creates an organization to help minority youths find their passion for classical music; Critic-Car Detroit takes us to The Heidelberg Project’s Family Fun Day; And multitalented artist Tony Furtado expresses his creativity through both music and sculpture. Plus, host DJ Oliver takes us to The University of Michigan’s Arthur Miller Theatre.

Detroit graffiti artist Antonio “Shades” Agee has gone from local vandal to contributing work for the DIA and creating art for companies across the world.

Watch the Aaron Dworkin segment

Life-long musican Aaron Dworkin created the Sphinx Organization to expose minority and inner city youths to instruments and classical music. As Founder and President of the organization, Dworkin shares his passion for music and learning with young individuals across the nation.

Watch the The Heidelberg Project segment

In its 27th year, The Heidelberg Project seeks to beautify Detroit’s east side neighborhood on Heidelberg Street by bringing the community together to collect and upcycle refuse from around the area into works of art.

Watch the Tony Furtado segment

Artist Tony Furtado began playing the banjo after receiving one for his 12th birthday and six years later won the national banjo contest at age 18. He left his fine art & sculpting studies in college when he hit the road to play his music. Now, he continues to tour the nation playing music and retreats to his sculpting studio for quiet solace when not on the road.