Detroit Performs TV: Gem Theater (Episode 109)

Detroit Performs TV: Gem Theater (Episode 109)
August 20, 2013 Cheryl Jones

In this episode of Detroit Performs: DJ Oliver visits the Gem Theater. Have a laugh with an improv comedy group Go Comedy! in Ferndale, author Amy Elliott Bragg visits a Detroit cemetery to discover the unknown history of the city, artist Michael Birawer wants to find the fun in life. Plus, CriticCar Detroit takes a look at Art X Detroit.

Watch the Go Comedy! segment

Go Comedy! is a group of hilarious comedians who take their work seriously, following the three I’s: Integrity, Innovation & Inspiration. With the goal of teaching adults to act like kids again, Go Comedy! takes great pride in making people laugh.

Watch the Art X Detroit segment

CriticCar Detroit hears from citizen critics about everything going on at Art X Detroit the Kresge Art Experience.

Watch the Michael Birawer segment

Artist Michael Birawer likes to create fun, whimsical, 3-D art often based on Minnesota staples. Birawer creates art that allows the viewer to interact and discover sections of the piece that would otherwise be hidden in a conventional painting.

Watch the Amy Elliott Bragg segment

Author Amy Elliott Bragg takes us through the Detroit cemetery that inspired her to write her book “Hidden History of Detroit”.