Detroit Performs TV: Detroit’s Eastern Market- Part II (Episode 116)

Detroit Performs TV: Detroit’s Eastern Market- Part II (Episode 116)
October 15, 2013 Cheryl Jones

On this episode of Detroit Performs: The Atwater Brewery pours their Detroit pride into their beer; College for Creative Studies student Alijah Dillard adds a meaningful mural to Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood; CriticCar Detroit shares a review on the Magenta Giraffe; Letterpress studio Salt and Cedar mixes their love of food with their art of printing; And a chef reveals the art of making sushi at Uchi. Plus, host DJ Oliver takes us around Detroit’s Eastern Market during the Market’s Third Thursday event.

Watch the Atwater Brewery segment

The hands-on owners of Atwater Brewery experiment with flavor to create unique craft beers, showing us that creating something people really enjoy is not only art, but also produces a source of immense Detroit pride.

Watch the Brightmoor Community Mural segment

College for Creative Studies student, Alijah Dillard, shares the meaningful mural he and classmates added to the landscape of Brightmoor neighborhood as well as what he learned from the experience of creating it.

Watch the Magenta Giraffe segment

CriticCar Detroit shares a citizen review of Magenta Giraffe.

Watch the Salt and Cedar segment

Salt and Cedar letterpress studio owners marry a love love of art & food for a number of unique events at their Eastern Market location in Detroit.

Watch the Uchi segment

Chef Tyson Cole reveals the art of making Sushi at Uchi restaurant.