Detroit Performs TV: Season One Favorites (Episode 124)

Detroit Performs TV: Season One Favorites (Episode 124)
December 10, 2013 Cheryl Jones

On this episode of Detroit Performs, host DJ Oliver shares his favorite segments from the season: Professional photographer S. Kay heads into the Autumn woods with some incredibly gifted artists; Funk band Third Coast Kings stays true to their jivin’ roots; And the Atwater Brewery pours their Detroit pride into their beer.

Watch the S. Kay segment

Professional Photographer S. Kay, introduces adults with disabilities to the beautiful world of nature photography.

Watch the Third Coast Kings segment

The Third Coast Kings take inspiration from the Motown and Funk musical history of Detroit to create their own Funkadelic sound.

Watch the Atwater Brewery segment

The hands-on owners of Atwater Brewery experiment with flavor to create unique craft beers, showing us that creating something people really enjoy is not only art, but also produces a source of immense Detroit pride.