Detroit Performs TV: Arts & Medicine

Detroit Performs TV: Arts & Medicine
January 7, 2015 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs, Detroit Medical Center doctors and med students put down their medical instruments and pick up musical instruments to form the Detroit Medical Orchestra; U of M Health System’s Gifts of Art program brings art to patients’ bedsides and beyond; And is there a medical reason behind the paintings of the Impressionist Era? Plus, host DJ Oliver explores the art inside the Detroit Receiving Hospital!

Watch the Detroit Medical Orchestra segment

Meet the doctors, nurses and medical students of the Detroit Medical Orchestra as they trade their medical instruments for musical instruments to perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Watch the Gifts of Art Program segment

We travel to Ann Arbor to see how the University of Michigan Health Center’s Gifts of Art Program is using art and music to help patients heal

Watch The Art of Impressionists segment

The Art of Impressionists: We explore the art of the Impressionists. Were their blurred brush strokes deliberate or the result of a medical condition?


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