Detroit Performs TV: The Photographers

Detroit Performs TV: The Photographers
January 6, 2015 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs: Photographer and multimedia artist Diane Marie Kramer uses precious treasures from her past in her work; Photographer Amy Sackacreates a Detroit exhibition by capturing the beauty and stories of the city in daily pictures; and photojournalist Carlton Ward showcases Florida’s unique ecosystem. Plus, host DJ Oliver heads to the Inner State Gallery in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Watch the Diane Marie Kramer segment

Diane Marie Kramer is an intuition based painter, sculptor and photographer. “All of my work is conceived from within. Just as nature shapes through time its landscapes, I too have been shaped by my past experiences. I try to discern “the essence of things”. Intuition and dream states are channels through which I arrive at the form and content of my work. I am able to focus beyond the immediate visual reality and allow myself to enter a dream state. I am then able to cultivate my images, feelings and forms which connect me to the unconscious world where my images are developed. My work conveys the passage of time and inner worlds reflecting who I am as an artist and individual.”

Watch the Amy Sacka segment

Amy Sacka is a local photographer looking to tell Detroit’s story. “My current interest is in the city of Detroit. It’s the city next to my hometown and I’m fascinated by everything about it. I moved here to discover what it’s really about — beyond the headlines and pictures of ruin we see in papers and magazines.”

Watch the Carlton Ward segment

Carlton Ward is a Florida conservation photographer and founder of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition.


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