Detroit Performs TV: Classical Art (Episode 314)

Detroit Performs TV: Classical Art (Episode 314)
October 13, 2015 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs The Toyota City Youth Orchestra travels to Detroit to collaborate with the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra celebrating the sister-city relationship between Toyota, Japan and Detroit; Shakespeare in Detroit performs MacBethin Detroit’s New Center Park; Chamber musician Velda Kelly performs in the historic Scarab Club; And a day in the life of prima ballerina Samantha Lewis. Plus, host DJ Oliver takes a look around The Hermitage Gallery in downtown Rochester.

Watch Toyota City & Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestras segment

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between Toyota, Japan and Detroit, The Toyota City Youth Orchestra collaborated with the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra for a night symphonic fun!

Watch the Shakespeare in Detroit segment

Shakespeare in Detroit is a professional acting company, founded by Detroit native, Sam White, that uses local actors, crew, and costumers. In this segment, we watch as they perform Macbeth in Detroit’s New Center Park.

Watch the Velda Kelly segment

Velda Kelly is a violinist who has been teaching and performing in metropolitan Detroit since 1983. Ms. Kelly is a member of the Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra and is co-artistic director of Chamber Music at the Scarab Club.

Watch the Samantha Lewis segment

Samantha Lewis is a ballet dancer who gives us a look at her life as a ballerina both onstage and off.


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