Detroit Performs TV: Students in Arts (Episode 313)

Detroit Performs TV: Students in Arts (Episode 313)
October 7, 2015 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs, music educator and conductor Cecelia Sharpe trains youth ensemble, Urban Stringz; the Mosaic Youth Theatre produces a new musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest; and if the walls of Texas Southern Universitycould talk, they’d speak loudly.

Watch the Urban Stringz segment

Urban Stringz is a youth ensemble whose goal is to “Transform Children One Note At A Time” by offering a fun and educational music experience.

Watch the Mosaic Youth Theatre segment

Mosaic Youth Theatre is a multicultural arts organization whose mission is to empower young people to maximize their potential through professional performing arts training and the creation of first-rate theatrical and musical art.

Watch the Texas Southern University segment

If the walls of Texas Southern University could talk, they’d speak loudly. Students at the school have created approximately 128 murals on campus that recount important historical events.


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