Creative Voice: Ypsilanti Ethical Slam

Creative Voice: Ypsilanti Ethical Slam
May 16, 2016 paperlesslion

Creative Voice visited the Ypsilanti Ethical Slam, a meeting of people and the minds they belong to, articulating and defending ideals, ideas and ethis as fields for discussion in our world and age. Details:

Competitive ethical discourse isn’t just for students (though, don’t get us wrong, it’s pretty great for them, too). At the ABC Microbrewery (a.k.a. Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti, MI on Thursday night, teams of local teachers, program managers and web designers rapidly discussed and responded to ethical questions and topics ranging from trans access to sports to mental health to fat jokes. The event, presented by A2Ethics – which also organizes the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl – was an opportunity for participants and audience members alike to discuss and consider current and classic ethical questions in a social and jovial setting. Judges pondered the ethical perspectives and presentation styles, eventually awarding winning teams a cash prize and a trophy: the Philosopher’s Golden Sandal.

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