Detroit Performs: Collectively Creating

Detroit Performs: Collectively Creating
May 2, 2016 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs Television: University of Michigan professor and community artist Petra Kuppers creates inclusive works; not-for-profit cultural organizationHatch Art re-purposes an old police station to provide space for artists; and the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater brings the art of dance to the Las Vegas community. Plus, host DJ Oliver checks out The Northville Art House – an incredible cultural destination in a small town that is quickly earning the reputation as one of the best art centers in metro Detroit.

Watch the Petra Kuppers segment

Petra Kuppers is an Associate Professor of English, Women’s Studies and Theatre & Drama at the University, who answers to many labels — professor, dancer and author, to name a few. However, she is also a wheelchair user and fully embraces the label of disabled, a label she has had all her life.

Watch the Hatch Art segment

Hatch Art  is the home to a community arts space including the Hatch Gallery, community work space and 11 private artist studios.

Watch the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater segment

Karen Heyl is a native of Cincinnati, who has been a stone sculptor for over 30 years.