Detroit Performs: Genres of Music

Detroit Performs: Genres of Music
May 24, 2016 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs: Hip Hop artist Nique Love Rhodes shares her inspiring message; Lo & Behold! Records & Books hosts an ongoing live music series; And The 442s combine talent to get a new sound. Plus, host DJ Oliver tours Galerie Camille in Midtown Detroit. Galerie Camille is a fine art gallery located in Midtown Detroit, a few blocks away from Wayne State University.

Watch the Nique Love Rhodes segment

Nique Love Rhodes is a hip-hop artist and songwriter with the mission to inspire listeners to improve themselves and the communities around them.

Watch the Lo & Behold! Records & Books segment

Lo & Behold! Records & Books is an independent record label and book publisher, spiritual guidance center, and workspace in Detroit.

Watch The 442s segment

The 442s is a genre-defying acoustic quartet named for the modern standard tuning of 442 Hz!