Detroit Performs: Poignant Painters

Detroit Performs: Poignant Painters
May 6, 2016 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs: painter Emilie Beadle finds her calling with a unique artists’ tool; jazz inspires John Osler to paint; and George Kovach captures a simpler time in his paintings. Plus, host D.J. Oliver heads to The Northville GalleryThe Northville Gallery  features beautiful hand-painted oils on canvas and many pieces by local artists. They also offer custom matting and framing services.

Watch the Emilie Beadle segment

Emilie Beadle is an artist who began her journey as an artist while living on the island of Kauai, which provided many inspiring landscapes. Her initial training was from a local artist who introduced her to painting in palette knife style. All of Emilie’s work is done entirely with this tool. Emilie uses brightly colored rectangles, placed in a precise way to create specific scenes. Each painting suggests a landscape or subject in an abstract and purposeful way. Emilie feels that her art takes her away from the chaos of everyday life and negativity that surrounds us in the news. She captures diverse landscapes, seasons, and colors of various locations while trying to evoke a moment of peace amidst the turmoil that surrounds us.

Watch the John Osler segment

John Osler is an artist who, twenty years ago, quit a life in advertising art and photography to paint the people and places of his choice. Osler says that it has been a good life.

Watch the George Kovach segment

George Kovach is an artist who has painted a thousand miles of country roads, windmills, oil derricks, oak trees, millions of blue bonnets and Indian Paint Brush, as well as patriotic paintings that easily awaken a sense of pride in our freedom and democracy, whether the scene is of a festive display of fireworks or of a family working or playing together.