Detroit Performs TV: The Art of Games & Sports (Repeat)

Detroit Performs TV: The Art of Games & Sports (Repeat)
January 17, 2017 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs: American sports illustrator, Doug West, merges impressionism with realistic portraiture; Skateboarders take on the architecture of abandoned Detroit buildings in Jordan Garland’s #aDetroitFilm; And a look at Laguna College of Art and Design. Plus, DJ Oliver goes to The Art of Custom Framing.

Watch the Doug West segment

Doug West is an American Sports Illustrator whose art has excited the public’s imagination for over 30 years. The artist merges impressionism with realistic portraiture. Admirers of his art, cite among other things, that light can be seen in the eyes of the subjects he paints.

Watch the Jordan Garland segment

Jordan Garland is a professional skateboarder and creator of #aDetroitFilm, a series of short films leading up to the release of a full length visual experience.

Watch the Laguna College of Art and Design segment

We explore a school that emphasizes art in the game.