Detroit Performs TV: Animal Art (Repeat)

Detroit Performs TV: Animal Art (Repeat)
January 3, 2017 dpdave

In this episode of Detroit Performs: Weatherly Stroh captures animal portraits on canvas; Photographer Steve Gettle captures the beauty of nature around us; And watch Jack Pachuta enhance reality by making monoprints with modern touches. Plus, host DJ Oliver checks out the animals at the Detroit Zoo. The Detroit Zoo – has 125 acres of naturalistic habitats for 2,400 animals from aardvarks to zebras and features award-winning attractions such as the National Amphibian Conservation Center, Great Apes of Harambee and Arctic Ring of Life.

Watch the Steve Gettle segment

Steve Gettle is a photographer whose images communicate his love for the wildlife and the wild places of our world.

Watch the Weatherly Stroh segment

Weatherly Stroh is an oil painter and sculptor specializing in animal portraits and landscapes.

Watch the Jack Pachuta segment

Jack Pachuta is a Wisconsin artist who takes a non-traditional approach to his subject matter. Combining printmaking techniques with the craftsmanship of pencil and ink renderings, his works are known for their vibrant colors and unique textures.