Bravo Florine! Bravo!

Bravo Florine! Bravo!
June 13, 2017 paperlesslion

Join Detroit Public Television for the 2017 Bravo! Celebration honoring Florine Mark, Detroit icon and CEO of Weight Watchers. Click here to enjoy Bravo Florine! Bravo online.

Florine Mark rose up from humble beginnings on Detroit’s west side to become one of the nation’s most prominent business leaders and motivational figures. As the CEO of Weight Watchers –  who once struggled with extra pounds herself – Florine used her personal experience to become a successful entrepreneur and a leading national voice on health and weight loss.

Recognizing her significant contributions and positive financial impact on our region, Florine Mark will become DPTV’s first Bravo! honoree. The distinction is given in the spirit of DPTV’s Society for Excellence supporters, whose gifts of $1,000 or more, ensure ongoing efforts to provide quality educational programming to our 2 million weekly viewers.

Bravo! is DPTV’s annual celebration to say, “Thank you,” to these leaders and DPTV ambassadors who encourage others to join this effort of utilizing the power of public media to provide knowledge and understanding for our community. Held each June, the event spotlights the deserving honoree through the production of a local documentary that tells their life story,  including the successes, failures, challenges, passions and choices in career, family and character development.  The common content thread among all honorees is the individual’s regional economic development impact through their leadership and/or entrepreneurism.

The 60-minute Bravo! Florine Mark originally aired on Tuesday, June 13at 8 p.m. ET on DPTV. Click here to enjoy the program online.