Detroit Performs featured singer Alise King continues her climb to the top of the Detroit music scene adding a couple more pieces of hardware and an EP to back up her powerful performances.

King recently won Entertainer of the Year at the 2017 Detroit Black Music Awards and Best Female Singer at the 2017 SDM Live Awards. The wins go along with nominations for Best R&B Single for “My Moment”, Best R&B Female Vocalist, Best Live Performance, and MVP Award.

“Each award is a reflection of my hard work and passion to follow my dreams,” King said. “They motivate me to push harder & further. Being crowned Entertainer of the Year is unbelievable. I am honored that the city of Detroit sees me as such.”

King’s latest EP “In the Key of Soul” was released in the summer and it’s filled with songs to get people moving as well as to get people thinking. The inspiration for her lyrics come from how she’s responded to trials and tribulations in her life and her focus is providing hope and inspiration from her experience to those who listen to her songs and who come to see her perform.

“My music is real, I sing about real things, personal things,” she said. “I put my soul into my songs and (my fans) felt it. It’s refreshing. The people get to know me through my music; the woman and the artist.”

“In the Key of Soul” is King’s first EP recording experience and throughout the process she continued to be true to herself with help from the engineers and producers on the EP.

“Writing music comes natural to me. It’s creating the sound of the song that becomes challenging,” King said. “I want to sound like me. No one else. The recording can be tiring but with great like-minded engineers & producers who challenge you creatively, the process becomes beautiful.”

You can download Alise King’s “In the Key of Soul” online and find her upcoming performances on her website