Friendship Circle’s Soul Studio in West Bloomfield Township allows for individuals with special needs to show off their artistic talents by providing the tools and guidance to create beautiful works of art in a loving space.

On September 14 Friendship Circle opened the “In A Groove” exhibition, which runs through November 1 at Soul Studio Gallery.

The exhibition reflects on the work Soul Studio artists have created throughout the summer.

“’In A Groove’ showcases just some of our artists who are on a roll and excited about getting into the studio every day,” Director of Friendship Circle, Bassie Shemtov said.

People from all over the Detroit arts community flocked to the opening and continue to stop by during the exhibition to check out the creativity of the artists.

“Friendship Circle Soul Studio has, over the last year and a half, created a reputation amongst the larger arts community of being a destination to see stimulating artwork presented in a professional setting,” Shemtov said.

After “In A Groove,” the Soul Studio gallery will be transitioning to its Holiday Gift Show November 16.

Friendship Circle is also hosting Community Days throughout the Fall at the Farber Center.  Community Days allows for participants to come together with friends and fellow members to experience all Friendship Circle has to offer; a meal at the Soul Café, a Torah class, and create art in the studio.

“It is truly a great experience,” Shemtov said. “Community Days is our opportunity to let typical adults in the community who have never experienced being around individuals with special needs or have the belief that adults with special needs couldn’t create professional art. It gives us the opportunity to educate the general community as well as giving people in the community something positive to do with their friends and neighbors.”

Community Days at Farber Center run October 20-December 15. For more information or details about a discount please visit Friendship Circle’s website at,  email, or call 248-788-7878.

You can see Friendship Circle’s full segment on Detroit Performs episode 612.