Your Voice Matters: Be heard at ‘On The Table’!

Your Voice Matters: Be heard at ‘On The Table’!
October 2, 2017 paperlesslion

When it comes to building a better future — Your Voice Matters! Be heard at On The Table! The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan issues a call for a day of meaningful conversations to help our youth thrive. Take a seat at the Table on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

To host or join conversation, you can obtain all the information you need by clicking here.

Details from Rich Homberg, President and CEO of Detroit Public Television:

On Sept. 18, more than 50 parents, students and educational leaders gathered around tables at the City Covenant Church in Brightmoor for spirited conversations about the challenges facing youth in our city and what we can do as a community to ensure that they prosper in life.

They had just watched the taping of a Detroit Public Television education roadshow, during which they heard from the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, community activists, high school students, among many others – and now they were being invited to express and discuss their own ideas about what is needed to make sure our children have an opportunity to thrive.

The On the Table Concept

This was a test drive of the “On the Table” initiative, being organized by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan on Oct. 4, when such conversations will take place throughout the region.  Businesses, nonprofits, neighborhood groups and individuals are being asked to meet in small groups to delve into issues of critical important to our youth.

That night in Brightmoor, we saw the power of such conversations. People, many of whom had never met before, held intense, but respectful conversations, in which no idea was dismissed and every voice received an equal hearing. Business executives and high school students listened intently as they shared personal experiences, struggled for solutions and formed bonds of understanding.

We may not have resolved any of the complex concerns facing our schools that night, but at least we had chance to lay our ideas and concerns  on the table, which is an important first step.

And even though it was late on a school/work night, nobody wanted to leave, until finally the good people at City Covenant Church said that they had to clean up and close the doors.

I encourage all of you to join in this community-wide conversation, by organizing your own On the Table discussions on October 4.

A Seat at the Table

It is very simple: Hosts select their own guests and location for their conversations, which could be a potluck meal with neighbors, a snack break with colleagues, or any other gathering of people who want to talk about ideas for young people. Food always helps.

After their conversations, On the Table participants will receive a simple survey , to capture the good ideas  and potential collaborations that emerge that day, which will be shared with all participants by the Community Foundation.

For more information, to register or to receive a toolkit for hosts, visit

On the Table is a national initiative, being organized by 10 community foundations across the nation, in partnership with the Knight Foundation.

Let’s get the conversation started here in Detroit. Remember your voice matters, so please get involved. We need all of you at the table on Oct. 4.

Rich Homberg
President and CEO
Detroit Public Television