Monet: Framing Life

Monet: Framing Life
November 7, 2017 paperlesslion

The genesis and genius of Impressionism are on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts in a new, intimate exhibition that focuses on the DIA’s only painting by Claude Monet — Rounded Flower Bed (Corbeille de fleurs), formerly known as Gladioli and recently retitled based on new research. And Monet’s masterpiece at the DIA is spectacular — an image that helped launch one of modern art’s most beloved schools of painting.

Monet painted this work while living in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil between late 1871 and early 1878. His time in Argenteuil was especially productive, for it was there that he and fellow avant-garde painters formed the Impressionists.

Experience the DIA’s painting together with 10 other Argenteuil paintings by Monet and fellow impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and discover the story behind the creation of Rounded Flower Bed (Corbeille de fleurs) and how it fits into the history of Monet’s work and the Impressionist movement.

Tickets are now on sale. Click here for details at When you go — and you will want to go if you’re interested in seeing how the world of modern art came about — plan some extra time: One ticket provides admission to both Monet: Framing Life and Church: A Painter’s Pilgrimage.

Made possible by the Bonnie Ann Larson European Masters Series.