Little Women

Little Women
December 4, 2017 paperlesslion

The March sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth, are growing up in Civil War-era New England.  Discover what happens when their beloved mother Marmee leaves them to visit their ailing father at the front, the sisters must face life together.  Adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott, performances of Little Women are Dec. 7-10 at Wild Swan Theater in Ann Arbor.

Written by Wild Swan’s Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director Hilary Cohen, this production delivers an inspiring message of resourcefulness and perseverance for children ages 8+ and their families.

Loosely based on the author’s family life, the story explores how each young woman develops their character by overcoming personal weaknesses.  It also offers a testimony to the strength of womanhood in the character of the girls’ mother.  Throughout our nation’s history there have been women like the fictional March sisters who must struggle against society’s expectations and create their own destinies.

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