The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen
December 18, 2017 paperlesslion

PuppetART presents “The Snow Queen.” Performances are Tuesday, Dec. 26 through Thursday, Dec. 28 at the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit.

The work tells the magical quest of Gerda, who must search her beloved friend Kai, abducted by the Snow Queen.  PuppetART’s original musical production reminds us the perseverance of human bonds in the face of great obstacles. “Where there is friendship and love to be found, roses will surely still bloom.”

PuppetART’s production of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale uses a remarkable variety of techniques and effects in its telling of the tale, including marionettes, rod puppets, hand puppets, projections, and costumes which double as scenery. The script and score (composed by Maria Mikheyenko) are their own, and the story is served well by a strikingly beautiful design.

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