Detroit Performs: Best Of Season Four

Detroit Performs: Best Of Season Four
February 6, 2018 Angela Brown

In this Best Of Season Four edition of Detroit Performs: Art Road brings art class back to Detroit Public Schools; Artist Janna Comoundouros‘ creativity blooms when she gets her hands on old machines; The Detroit Youth Choir energizes Detroit with their performances; And photographer Steve Gettle captures the beauty of nature around us. Plus, host DJ Oliver takes us to multiple locations around Detroit. Originally aired 7/19/16.

Watch the Art Road segment

Art Road is a nonprofit is bringing art class back to schools that lack art in their curriculum. Art Road classes open doors for creativity. They build self-esteem and awaken new interests. Their goal is that children throughout southeastern Michigan will have access to art instruction.

Watch the Janna Coumoundouros segment

Janna Coumoundouros is an artist who the Detroit Metro Times called a “fiery-haired creative powerhouse does everything from real estate photography to creating award-winning, fashion-forward dresses.”

Watch the Detroit Youth Choir segment

The Detroit Youth Choir is a performing arts group devoted to developing the creative skills of some of Detroit’s finest youth.

Watch the Steve Gettle segment

Steve Gettle is a photographer whose images communicate his love for the wildlife and the wild places of our world. One example of his work is at the top of the page: Western Grebes Courship Dance, North Dakota. “This race across the water is part of Grebe courtship. It happened with virtually no warning. I was pretty luck to get the shot.”