Detroit Performs Featured Photographer Steve Gettle Travels to Africa

Detroit Performs Featured Photographer Steve Gettle Travels to Africa
February 6, 2018 Sarah Zientarski



Detroit Performs: Where in Africa were you and for how long?

Steve Gettle: We were in Tanzania focusing mainly on the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and the Serengeti.

DP: Explain what a photography safari entails.

SG: Each morning we head out in the pre-dawn light in the safari vehicles looking for photographic subjects. We stop mid-morning for a special bush breakfast in the field followed by more photography. We take a break mid-day to recharge both our personal and camera batteries. We then head off for our afternoon game drive which ends when we are driven back to the lodge by the fading light of sunset.

DP: What were you photographing?

SG: Birds, mammals and the culture.

DP: Why go to Africa for photography?

SG: Africa is one of the most epic locations on the planet for wildlife photography. I can think of no other destination where such incredible life and death dramas play out before your camera on a daily basis.

DP: Do you have a group you gathered for this trip? Why did you want to bring the photography experience in Africa to others?

SG: Yes, I shared this experience with a group of 9 other photographers. Africa is such a unique and amazing place. It is a privilege to be able to share it with other people.

DP: What were the animals you are trying to capture on camera during this trip?

SG: We mainly focus on all the diverse wildlife from Dung beetles to leopards and of course the amazing bird life, but some of the most exciting encounters are those that play out between predator and prey on the African plains.

DP: What animals did you capture on camera during this trip?

SG: We photographed well over 100 unique species with highlights being the big five (elephants, rhinos, cape buffalo, lion and leopard). Some other rare wildlife sightings included caracal cat, striped-back jackal, serval cat and striped hyena.

DP: What was the best experience on this trip?

SG: A few favorite moments include a lion hunting a young warthog, the beautiful courtship flight of the pin-tail whydah bird, and three exciting cheetah hunts.

DP: Anything else you would like to add for our viewers?

SG: I am happy to share that I have met someone special who shares my love for photography and travel. We are in the process of expanding this business to offer more trips to more exciting locations around the globe.