Stupid F*ing Bird

Stupid F*ing Bird
February 27, 2018 paperlesslion

Art, love and revolution fuel minds and more when “Stupid F*ing Bird” makes its Wayne State University debut at the Studio Theatre at the Hilberry Theatre on Thursday, March 1. This contemporary adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” was written by American playwright Aaron Posner and presents a satirical, modern day spin on the theatre classic. Performances run through March 31.

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Details from Wayne State University:

Director Blair Anderson describes the show and themes in his own words: “‘Stupid F*ing Bird’ continues (‘sort of’ an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’) the exploration of life, of life’s reflection in theatre, and of theatre reflecting theatre. Theatre searching for a new form—sort of. Gone is realism’s ‘fourth wall.’  In its place we find a playful, raw, and loving world where love is often thwarted.  Expletives abound—not to shock but rather to express the inexpressible frustrations that flesh is heir to. The search for ‘new’ forms and the quest for ‘new’ love is never easy, but it is dangerously exciting.”

As an aspiring young director, Conrad is presenting a theatric presentation starring his girlfriend Nina, a nubile young actress with whom he is obsessed. The presentation is attended by his mother Emma, and her new lover and successful novelist, Doyle Trigorin, and friends Dev and Mash. Mash is desperately in love Conrad, but he is too blinded by his infatuation with Nina to recognize her affections. Nina, however, is desperate to become a famous actress, and begins to have feeling for Trigorin, who she thinks may help advance her career. When Conrad discovers her true feelings, he attempts to kill himself.

Following Conrad’s failed suicide, Nina steps up to become a comforting presence in his life, while beginning to act on her urges to seduce Trigorin. Emma soon derails Nina’s attempts and Trigorin begs her to let him go. Emma loses grip and Trigorin runs off with Nina.

Years later, our characters reunite for a friend’s birthday. Mash and Dev have married and started a family, while Emma and Trigorin have revived their relationship following a personal tragedy. Conrad’s feelings for Nina are still strong, and when he attempts to see her, she rejects him. Nina’s career, looks, and mental health have all plummeted, and she demands to know why Conrad shot a seagull to prove his love to her. She has a complete mental breakdown and leaves Conrad to address the audience directly, ending the play in an unexpected moment.

Tickets are available online at , or by phone at (313) 577-2972.  A convenience fee of $2 per ticket is automatically added to your ticket when purchasing online. Additional fees may be required per order. PLEASE NOTE: The Studio at the Hilberry is only accessible by stairs.