Jamii Tata: Know Allegiance Nation

Jamii Tata: Know Allegiance Nation
March 1, 2018 Sarah Zientarski

Detroit Performs: How can children and parents get their children into Know Allegiance Nation?

Jamii Tata: They can visit https://kanbooks.wordpress.com/illuminate/ to learn more about the Illuminate program and fill out the application. The Illuminate program starts back up on April 3. Tutoring happens at the bookstore – address: 9405 John R, Detroit, MI – every Tuesday from 5-6pm for students third grade and up.

DP: When do you start tending to the gardens and how can people get involved with the gardens?

JT: We begin tending the gardens in late Spring. Our first workday of the season is on Saturday, May 19 from 11-2pm at 296 King, Detroit, MI. Workdays occur every third Saturday from May through September. Other volunteer opportunities in the gardens are available as well. If a person wants to bring a group of five or more, please reach out to KAN via email at knowallegiance@gmail.com.

DP: How can people listen to your neighborhood radio station?

JT: Mixcloud.com/operationrebel

DP: What is next for your personal artwork?

JT: In partnership with my students, we are creating a series of poetry banners and rain barrels. I also plan to release a book project and audio project this year.

DP: Anything else that must be mentioned?

JT: The Illuminate students and I will collaboratively co-lead a campaign and fair called Books 4 the Block. We will put together literacy kits inclusive of literacy information and resources, an actual book that we will harvest from donations from KAN Books, and a voucher for free pizza at the Books 4 the Block fair to create a community wide pizza party. We will go door to door with adult volunteers delivering the literacy kits. We will also celebrate the effort and the joy of reading by reading at the fair and giving out books to help children start or increase their home libraries. Poetry banners and barrels will be on display during the bookfair in addition to the open mic series the students host. The book fair will occur on July 28.

DP: What other events are coming up for Know Allegiance Nation?

JT: The events we have coming up are:

Detroit Independent Freedom School Tutoring Open House – March 6 – 4-6pm

KAN Books Worker Co-op Meeting – March 8 – 6:30pm

Illuminate: Literacy Entrepreneurs Program Open House – March 13 – 6:30pm

Detroit Music Xchange – March 16, 23, 30 – 6pm

Open Mics – Every fourth Saturday starting March 24 – 6pm

Drum Circle – Sunday March 25 – 12pm –  usually occurs every second & fourth Sunday of the month

Illuminate Program at KAN Books, 9405 John R – every Tuesday starting April 3 – 6pm 

Bookstore at KAN Books, 9405 John R, Detroit, MI 48202.

See Jamii Tata’s segment here! https://youtu.be/FvngchiX2vI