Detroit Performs TV: Art and our Environment (Episode 702)

Detroit Performs TV: Art and our Environment (Episode 702)
March 21, 2018 Angela Brown

On this episode of Detroit Performs: University of Michigan students create a mural to speak for the 48217 community; Detroit Central High School is learning history through music; And Roy Staab is growing environmental art. Plus, DJ Oliver talks to Russ Collins, the executive director of the State and Michigan Theaters, about the renovations at the State Theatre in Ann Arbor. Episode 702.

Watch the 48217 Mural segment

A mural created by University of Michigan students in Southwest Detroit depicting the pollution that is strangling the area. Detroit Performs Episode 702/Segment 1.

Watch the History and Music segment
Detroit school teacher Quincy Stewart and the correlation between history and music. Detroit Performs Episode 702/Segment 2
Watch The State Theatre segment

DJ Oliver interviews Michigan Theatre Director, Russ Collins. Detroit Performs Episode 702/Segment 3.

Watch the Roy Staab segment

Environmental sculptor Roy Staab is internationally known for his sight specific installations. His work is designed to go up and decay in its surroundings. Episode 702/Segment 4.