Get Involved with the 48217 Mural

Get Involved with the 48217 Mural
March 22, 2018 Sarah Zientarski
The 48217 community is still dealing with the effects of pollution due to industry surrounding the area. Detroit Performs will stay connected to The Original United Citizens of Southwest Detroit Community Communications Liaison, Theresa Landrum, throughout the fight against pollution in hopes to further the movement. Below is what Landrum had to say in a recent conversation.
Detroit Performs: What is the current air in the 48217 zip code?
Theresa Landrum: There have not been any improvements actions taken. Things are still the same (since the creation of the mural).  In fact there are two PTI hearing coming up; one on Tuesday March 27 and the other Wednesday March 28 to increase emissions.
DP: What can Detroit Performs viewers do to help support the 48217 community in this fight against pollution?
TL: The viewers can become involved in environmental causes and join organizations like the Sierra Club, they can write the president and their elected officials asking for stronger air, water and land quality rules to protect the air, land and water and ask that congress stop gutting the Clean Air ACT and stop supporting coal production.
DP: What has U of M done to help the 48217 community since creating the mural? 
TL: The students are working on other impact murals around Detroit to bring light to many issues. 
You can watch the 48217 Mural segment here:
If you have questions for Theresa Landrum, please email