Marvin Thompson Jr. to Release New Album

Marvin Thompson Jr. to Release New Album
March 29, 2018 Sarah Zientarski

Detroit Performs reached out to Marvin Thompson Jr. to find out what’s next for his music.

Detroit Performs: What are you currently working on?

Marvin Thompson Jr.: I’m currently recording songs for my next CD. It’s scheduled to release this summer.

DP: Where will you be performing in the upcoming months?

MTJ: I’ll be performing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York in April. In May, I’ll be performing a private show. In July, I have an outdoor performance for the city of Oak Park. I am also entertaining the idea of an online concert.

DP: Are there any special events you have coming up this year that you’d like our viewers to know about? What?

MTJ: The release party for my new CD will be held in a unique and quirky place – stay tuned!

DP: Why is it important for you to share your story to the Detroit Performs viewers?

MTJ: I think it’s important for viewers to know the depth of the creative community in Detroit and that we can all be a resource for one another.

DP: How is Detroit Performs an important platform for artists in and around Detroit?

MTJ: Detroit Performs provides an avenue for artists that is rare in big cities. While most outlets cater to mainstream artists and musicians, Detroit Performs allows indie performer to have their art seen and heard by huge audiences.

DP: Anything else that must be mentioned?

MTJ: Please follow me on social media and check out my website for what’s new:

You can check out Marvin Thompson Jr on Detroit Performs here: