What’s Happening at the State Theatre

What’s Happening at the State Theatre
March 22, 2018 Sarah Zientarski

Detroit Performs wants you to get to the State Theatre to enjoy films and the theatre’s new renovations. We caught up with Director of Marketing and Programming of The Michigan Theater Foundation, Ariel Wan, to find out what’s happening in the upcoming months.

Detroit Performs: What movies are set to open in April at the State Theatre in Ann Arbor?
Ariel Wan: We’re opening Isle of Dogs on April 6 and Borg vs. McEnroe on April 13.

DP: Why did you choose to show Isle of Dogs and Borg vs. McEnroe?
AW: Isle of Dogs is Wes Anderson’s next stop-motion-animated film. It features an ensemble cast of his usual suspects, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Bryan Cranston. Borg vs. McEnroe is an internationally-produced multi-language biographic sports drama film that focuses on the famous rivalry between famous tennis players Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe at the 1980 Wimbledon Championships.

DP: What are the special events coming up at the State Theatre?
AW: The State Theatre is a part of the Cinetopia Film Festival, which runs May 31 – June 10. We show the best films from the world’s best festivals at multiple locations including the Michigan and State Theaters and many locations in Detroit & Dearborn. Early bird festival passes are now on sale. For more info, visit http://www.cinetopiafestival.org/

DP: How can people find out which movies are being shown at the State Theatre and get tickets?
AW: People can visit http://statetheatrea2.org/. Here you can see what is being shown as well as buy tickets and pick your seats online.

DP: What is the State Theatre most looking forward to this year?
AW: We’re really looking forward to completing the finishing touches on the State Theatre. We expect to be done with these noticeable updates by the summer.

You can check out the State Theatre segment on Detroit Performs here: https://youtu.be/pNCLecHAZ9s