What’s Next for The Flutter & Wow?

What’s Next for The Flutter & Wow?
March 29, 2018 Sarah Zientarski

The Flutter & Wow is currently taking a short break from performing together but that doesn’t mean they are done! We caught up with lead singer, Tasha Lord, to fill us in on the details.

Detroit Performs: How is the new album coming along for The Flutter and Wow?

Tasha Lord: A second album under The Flutter & Wow name will probably not be released this year as planned. The year is pretty chock full already but I will never leave my heart closed to divine inspiration – particularly when it comes to long-time musical loves but our priorities are changing for moment.

DP: What has The Flutter and Wow been up to since Detroit Performs was at Otus Supply?

TL: We had a busy early winter season as usual with our annual Wintersong Show and others but we are currently on hiatus for the first time in our seven year history.

DP: When and where are upcoming performances for The Flutter and Wow?

TL: I will be popping up at a few limited performances with some of the members of the band later this year, so please keep posted! We have a mailing list via our website TheFlutterandWow.com and of course Instagram and FB. Please follow and sign-up I would love to stay in touch.

DP: How has the chemistry been since The Flutter and Wow changed up some band members?

TL: At the time we filmed we had planned to take-on a fabulous new guitarist. The show alluded to the last year and a half being the most difficult we ever faced collectively as a band. Chris, who was a longtime heart of the band moved, and several of us had some tragic and deeply painful personal events go down. I think what many of us needed rather than a double down which is what it would take for the group to get to the next level at this point – is actually some time to explore some other things creatively and to focus on some things here at home rather than be on the road too much.

DP: What can people expect from The Flutter and Wow in 2018?

TL: I’m really proud of The Flutter & Wow, the quality and uniqueness we have achieved, the places it has taken us and people we have gotten to know including each other. I can’t say exactly what the future will be for The Flutter & Wow, but I can say the book is not closed yet.

DP: What other musical endeavors are you exploring in 2018?

TL: In the last few months I have been songwriting without borders and enjoying being a sideman and working with friends in their bands as well as doing session work. I also do some TV work and am a vocalist and part of the management/marketing team in a great, giant event band. I just had a recent meeting that may be bringing a new solo project more into focus. More on that soon. In the meantime folks should also check out Brandon’s original solo project, Brae. 

You can check out The Flutter & Wow on Detroit Performs here: https://youtu.be/c-8DJHVS3C4