Nanci Labret Einstein has been creating large-scale pieces and continuing her wallpaper collaboration since Detroit Performs’ last visit. We caught up with her to find out exactly what’s she’s been up to.

Detroit Performs: What sculptures and/or exhibitions have you done in the past year?

Nanci Labret Einstein: I created a large sculpture/installation this year. It is 14 feet by 9 feet. It was exciting to be able to work on that scale. A facet of this piece that was totally new for me was that it was functional. So, in addition to the “normal” considerations that exist in creating a piece of art, I faced different constraints I never had before. The sculpture had to appear to be non-functional, but, in actuality was. It is comprised of four doors and is very successful in its operation and as a piece of art.


DP: What was the motivation behind the sculpture?

NLE: I was motivated by the desire to rethink the medium and create new parameters.

DP: Where have you exhibited?

NLE: I have exhibited in various galleries and shows across the country. I have been fortunate to be included in sculpture shows at the Marshall Fredericks Museum in Flint. My work will be included in the new drawing book –“INDA 12” published by Manifest Gallery.

DP: Have you taken on any new medium with your work?

NLE: After I finished building the installation piece, I started to create a new series of drawings. The first batch I created utilizing a colored ground, now I am into using white as the ground. I really enjoy working with various pencils: wax, pastel, watercolor and graphite tools. It’s liberating to work in a different medium after the intensity of my last project.


DP: What has the wallpaper business been like with Detroit Wallpaper?

NLE: It is exciting to be involved in making art in any facet! Creating and experiencing new ways to present my work keep me going!

DP: What are some of the best-selling wallpapers and why do you think they are popular?

NLE: Line by Line – everyone likes a good stripe.


DP: What are you looking forward to in 2018?

NLE: I look forward to creating more art. I constantly push my art to the next step. I feel it is important to cover more ground, discover new ways of incorporating things I learn in the creation of my pieces into the next work. Life is comprised of experiences that allow one to grow as a person, the same is true of art. Each sculpture, drawing, photograph that I create gives me the tools to be able to create the next piece.

DP: Where will you be exhibiting in 2018?

NLE: Currently, I am in the CCS Alumni Show in Detroit. Our photographs – Allen (Nanci’s husband) and my collaborations – have recently shown in LA and we are pleased to be included in Camera USA which opens in June in Naples, Florida.

I have other things in the works. You can always reach me through my  or via

DP: How has being featured on Detroit Performs helped spread the word of your art?

NLE: It has been very exciting to be featured on Detroit Performs. The experience was terrific! I heard from all types of people that they saw the piece and found it interesting. It is a wonderful, positive way to show my work and discuss it as well as confirmation of what I do.

You can see Nanci Labret Einstein’s segment in Detroit Performs here: