Detroit Performs TV: Fire and Ice (Episode 707)

Detroit Performs TV: Fire and Ice (Episode 707)
April 25, 2018 Angela Brown

In this episode of Detroit Performs: Artist April Wagner uses fire and her breath to blow life into glass; Showcase skating in Michigan; And Radiant Illusions. Plus, DJ Oliver learns how to blow glass at Glass Academy in Dearborn. Episode 707.

Watch the April Wagner segment
April Wagner is a glass artist and the owner of Epiphany Studio. Episode 707/Segment 1.
Watch the Showcase Skating segment

At Showcase Skating, skaters combine athleticism with creativity. Episode 707/Segment 2.

Watch the Glass Academy segment

DJ Oliver Interviews Co-owner of the Glass Academy, Michelle Plucinsky. Episode 707/Segment 3.

Watch the Radiant Illusions segment

Fire performance group, Radiant Illusions. Episode 707/Segment 4.