Ghost Gardens

Ghost Gardens
June 1, 2018 paperlesslion

Discover what powers are required to survive in an urban village when Detroit Repertory Theatre Company presents the world professional premiere of Ghost Gardens by Steven Simoncic. Performances of the comedy about faith, hope and love are on select dates through Sunday, July 1.

The production is directed by Lynch R. Travis. Featuring Leah Smith, Jenaya Jones Reynolds, Linda Rabin Hammell, Aral Gribble, Cornell Markham and Will Bryson.

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The story from DRT:

In a forgotten corner of Detroit there is a pimp-turned-preacher looking for redemption, a stripper-turned-nurse looking for justice, and Lorelie…
who just wants a baby. For ten years she has tried, and for ten years she has failed. Until today, when Lorelie announces to the world
that she is finally having a baby…and that changes everything.

Ghost Gardens is a story of the humor, grit, denial and delusion it takes to survive in an urban village. The play examines race, health, culture, and socioeconomics with humor, pathos, deer ticks, and dance contests, weaving fantasy and reality into a story that pits redemption against destruction and hype and against hopelessness.