KAN Books Hosting Bikes, Barrels & Books Fair Saturday June 30

KAN Books Hosting Bikes, Barrels & Books Fair Saturday June 30
June 28, 2018 Sarah Zientarski

Jamii Tata, a Detroit Performs featured artist, is holding the Bikes, Barrels & Books Fair at KAN Books in partnership with MoGo Detroit, Sierra Club, and Zero Waste from 2pm-6pm on June 30.

Fairgoers will be able to learn bike paths in Detroit, how to catch water in rain barrels, how to read their new water bill, enjoy some community fun, and much more.

Detroit Performs caught up with Tata to talk about the event:

Detroit Performs: What is taking place during Bikes, Barrels & Books?

Jamii Tata: The Bikes, Barrels & Books Fair is an opportunity for people to receive mobility, sustainability and literacy resources to support a healthy community. MoGo Detroit, Sierra Club, KAN Books & Zero Waste have partnered to hold the fair and will share resources, doing giveaways and promoting different programs on biking, water and rain catchment, recycling, and books.

MoGo Bike riding will hold demonstrations and sign-ups. They’ll do a bicycle drive for people to drop off old, broken or used bicycles to be fixed up and distributed to kids. Plus, there will be a bike photoshoot for the community to come take a photo with their own bike and the MoGo bike.

Sierra Club will be on hand for rain barrel workshops. They’ll be informing people on reading their new water bill and raffling off rain barrels, and having rain barrels for pick up for those who pre-ordered.

KAN Books will host a shared vendor table for people to buy books from co-op members. There will be co-op members hosting mini-workshops on their writing, crafts or products they bring for sale. There will be a reading circle for children and a small open mic.

Zero Waste Detroit will be teaching people about recycling and giving out recycling bins for those that live in the City of Detroit.

People will receive a “passport” and be encouraged to visit the different stations to be exposed and gain insight on the mobility, sustainability and literacy resources available in their community. 

DP: Why is it beneficial for people to have their own rain barrels?

JT: Rain barrels – when attached to a resident’s downspout – captures storm water off the roof of their home or garage.  In Detroit, capturing the storm water keeps it from entering our combined sewer system (combined storm water and sewage) helping to reduce the volume of waste water that must be treated by the Detroit Waste Water Treatment plant.  In heavier more intense rain events, this reduction helps to reduce the likelihood of a combined sewer overflow (storm water and sewage combined) into the Detroit and Rouge Rivers. When we keep wastewater out of the rivers, we are helping to mitigate polluted waters or in other words, helping prevent impairment of water quality.

DP: How does this help to offset costs of a water bill?

JT: Home owners can use captured storm water for outdoor uses such as watering plants, or washing their car.  It is NOT meant for consumption.  Using captured storm water as such, can help to reduce your water bill, especially in the warmer months.

Rain Barrels cannot be used to reduce your drainage fee.  Usage can vary significantly person to person and there is no good way to determine if the captured water is being used prior to a future rain event.

DP: Can people obtain their own rain barrels at Bikes, Barrels & Books? If so, how do they go about doing this?

JT: Rain barrels can be purchased at a discounted rate of $50 for this event co-hosted by Sierra Club by going to http://www.mirainbarrel.com/signup.  A few “scholarship” rain barrels are available by calling 313-444-3705, for low income Detroit residents.

DP: What is the benefit in knowing your way on bike paths throughout the city?

JT: It is important to know the bike paths throughout the city for safety as a cyclist. Bike paths and dedicated biking lanes provide cyclists with the ability to commute with protection and/or visibility to and from other motor vehicles. Along some bike paths there are rest stops, benches, water fountains and restrooms for cyclists. It is important to be aware of connecting bike paths and bike lanes for faster commutes and to avoid traffic from cars. 

DP: What are a couple bike paths you want to showcase during this event?

JT: Some of the bike paths referenced during the event will include the Dequindre Cut, Mid Town, North End and Jefferson Chalmers. 

DP: Who can attend the event June 30th?

JT: The event is free and open to the public!

KAN Books is at 9405 John R., Detroit, MI 48202

Check out Jamii Tata’s segment on Detroit Performs here: https://youtu.be/FvngchiX2vI