Michael Eric Dyson on DPTV’s American Black Journal

Michael Eric Dyson on DPTV’s American Black Journal
June 6, 2018 paperlesslion

Michael Eric Dyson, noted author of nearly 20 books, Georgetown University professor of sociology, Baptist minister and Detroit native, sat down one-on-one with American Black Journal’s Stephen Henderson for a wide-ranging interview on the racial divide in America, the Trump presidency, President Obama’s legacy and what it’s like to be Black in the United States.

Dyson’s latest work, the New York Times bestseller, Tears We Cannot Stop, is a nonfiction work examining America’s racial divide and calling for change. Dyson is the recipient of two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Literary Work in NonFiction, and winner of the American Book Award for his work Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster. Dyson has also written for the New York Times and is a contributing editor for the New Republic and ESPN’s The Undefeated website. In addition to his work as an author, Dyson is a Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University’s Department of African American Studies and a former radio show host of the Michael Eric Dyson Show.

Dyson received his PhD from Princeton University and has taught at Brown, Columbia, the University of North Carolina, DePaul University and the University of Pennsylvania. Dyson has been lauded for his hard-hitting books and other advocacy for African Americans. Essence declared him one of 40 most inspiring African Americans, and he was named among the 100 Most Influential Black Americans by the website Ebony.

American Black Journal celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, making it the longest running public affairs program dedicated to the African-American experience on any public broadcasting station and the longest running public affairs show on any local television station.

To honor 50 years of television history, DPTV has lined up a year of special programming, distinguished guests and community events, featuring American Black Journal’s host, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Stephen Henderson.