A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams

A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams
July 31, 2018 paperlesslion

A great American playwright again returns to our earthly stage in human form to lead us on a tour of celebrity famous and infamous in A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams. Written by Maxim Vinogradov and presented by Slipstream Theatre Initiative, the remarkable guest production runs through Aug. 26 at Theatre Nova in Ann Arbor.

Asking if he lived the right life, Tennessee and his assistant guide the audience through the museum of his hazy mind, revisiting lovers, siblings, and stars upon stars. But what happens when Tennessee tries to change the events of his past? What aspects of our legacy do we try to suppress, and which do we try to showcase? What is worth keeping, and what is better off forgotten?

Appearances on the tour include Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Truman Capote, Katharine Hepburn, and many more along the way. As in all good tours, the history becomes almost more realistic than the present as the ghosts from the past materialize as flesh and blood.

Written by Wilde Award-winner Maxim Vinogradov, this script recently won the Hopwood Award in Drama, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s National Partners of the American Theater Playwriting Award, as well as the Dennis McIntyre Prize.

Theatre NOVA is located at 410 W. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103. Click here for complete details.