Detroit Performs TV: Moving the Motor City (708)

Detroit Performs TV: Moving the Motor City (708)
August 13, 2018 Angela Brown

In this episode of Detroit Performs: Award-winning folk rocker, Billy Brandt; Self-taught singer-songwriter Audra Kubat; And hip-hop artist Nique Love Rhodes. Plus, DJ Oliver heads to an exhibition by the Palette and Brush Club and the Plymouth Community Arts Council.

Watch the Billy Brandt segment

Award-winning folk rocker Billy Brandt has a rootsy, folky, psychedelic, alternative country background that underpins strong songwriting and an adventurous spirit. Episode 708/Segment 1.

Watch the Audra Kubat segment

Singer-songwriter Audra Kubat’s love for Detroit and the people for the city run strong in the depths of her lyrics. Episode 708 | Segment 2.

Watch the Nique Love Rhodes segment

Nique Love Rhodes is a socially conscious hip-hop artist with inspiring beats. Episode 708/Segment 3.