VOTE: The Great American Read

VOTE: The Great American Read
September 11, 2018 paperlesslion

Love Books?  What’s your favorite? Join us in voting for America’s favorite book.

The PBS Great American Read wants you to vote early and to vote often!

DPTV and other PBS stations around the country have joined this celebration of the importance of reading and literature in our lives and the impact those stories have on us and the world around us.

Join up on the journey to discover America’s Most Beloved Book, which will be revealed in the final episode of the eight-part series that resumes tonight and airs Thursdays from Sept. 11 to Oct. 23 at 8 p.m.

 Voting is open now and everyone can vote daily for all their favorite books on the top 100 list at

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels (as chosen in a national survey).  It investigates how and why writers create their fictional worlds, how we as readers are affected by these stories, and what these 100 different books have to say about our diverse nation and our shared human experience.

Hosted by Meredith Vieira, the television series features entertaining and informative documentary segments, with compelling testimonials from celebrities, authors, notable Americans and book lovers across the country. The two-hour launch episode in which the list of 100 books were revealed aired in May, and can still be viewed online here.

 Beginning tonight, five one-hour themed episodes will examine concepts common to groups of books on the list. Votes will continue to be accepted and tallied until the Oct. 23rd finale, when the results of the nationwide vote are announced and America’s best-loved book is revealed.

The series is the centerpiece of a nationwide, multi-platform digital, educational and community outreach campaign, including partnerships with southeast Michigan libraries, booksellers, book clubs, and other groups, designed to get the country reading and passionately talking about books.

Learn about all the ways to vote here >

The series also fits within our brand new Your Ticket to the Arts initiative, which kicked off Labor Day weekend at the 39th annual Detroit Jazz Festival and will continue throughout the coming year – and includes live concerts and other music and arts events, book and literary events, as well as the high quality broadcast programming on the arts you’ve come to expect from Detroit Public Television.

Your Ticket to the Arts on DPTV and our sister station WRCJ 90.9 FM brings you the very best that Detroit has to offer across all artistic mediums, and it’s all free, thanks to support from viewers like you!

Please encourage those on your email lists and social media to vote for their favorite book at between now and Oct. 22.