War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast

War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast
November 26, 2018 paperlesslion

Get scared out of this world when the University of Detroit Mercy Theatre Company presents the Michigan Premiere of War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast. Written by Joe Landry, performances are Nov. 30 through Dec. 9 at The Marlene Boll Theatre inside the Boll Family YMCA in downtown Detroit.

The play celebrates the 80th anniversary of Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel, The War of the Worlds. Welles’ historic broadcast threw humanity into chaos when everyone thought extraterrestrials actually landed on earth. The radio drama vividly described the unfolding events with such realism it permanently altered broadcast radio.

Joe Landry’s adaptation, War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast, retells the story of this infamous evening on stage. Live foley sound effects, music and vintage commercials will bring to life the story behind the broadcast while we once again experience the alien invasion. This radio-play-within-a-radio-play is a thrilling homage to the form’s golden age and a timely reminder of what fear can do to a society.

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