In 2018, Creative Many Michigan published the seventh edition of its Creative State Michigan Nonprofit Report, detailing the impact Michigan’s arts and cultural nonprofit organizations have on the state’s economy and citizens. In collaboration with the arts advocacy organization, Detroit Public TV is exploring the report and its remarkable findings on “Detroit Performs.”  The program aired Tuesday, Jan. 15 and is available online here.

While most of us love and support the arts, we may not appreciate just how much they contribute to the economic vibrancy of our community. For instance:

  • The arts and creative industries account for $1.25 billion in direct expenditures to Michigan’s economy.
  • That is 4.2 percent of our state’s Gross Domestic Product, more than agriculture, transportation or construction.
  • They are a boon to tourism, responsible for $1.3 billion in direct tourist spending.
  • Employment?  More than 25,000 Michigan jobs are in this sector with over 91,000 people engaged as volunteers, employees and contractors.
  • Education? 4.1 million school children experienced arts and cultural venues and events.

“Detroit Performs” also talks to some of the most influential and thoughtful leaders of the cultural community about the role the arts play in our lives, including Salvatore Salvador Salort-Pons of the DIA, Omari Rush of Culture Source, Deb Polich of The Arts Alliance, George N’Namdi of the N’namdi Center for Contemporary Art and Creative Many’s own Sarah Gonzales Triplett.

You can also see this report on the “Detroit Performs” website.

In addition, this episode of “Detroit Performs” includes a special tribute to a true behind-the-scenes hero, John Bracey, who is stepping down from his position as the executive director of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA).

John Bracey may not be a name that the general public recognizes, but – believe me – those in the arts and culture community know him well.

Through good times and some very challenging moments, John fought to protect the funding support that is so vital to our state’s cultural organizations.

John and his team have worked tirelessly to reach out to organizations across the state and encourage them to participate in MCACA’s programs.  Through workshops and ongoing training, his office has trained small, medium and large groups to improve their fundraising efforts and elevate their artistic ambitions and community service.

To some degree, John and his team are responsible for those impressive numbers in the Creative Many Michigan report.

You can see our “Detroit Performs” tribute to John here.