More with the Michigan Philharmonic

More with the Michigan Philharmonic
January 2, 2019 Sarah Zientarski

As seen this week on Detroit Performs, the Michigan Philharmonic is celebrating its 20th season with Music Director and Conductor, Nan Washburn, aka its “NANiversary.” Since we know you’ve checked out the segment and want to learn more, we caught up with Executive Director of the Michigan Philharmonic, Beth Stewart, see what else is in store.

Detroit Performs: How has the “NANiversary” been received by audience so far this season?

Beth Stewart: The “NANiversary” season has been well-received by concert attendees as Nan has programmed lots of her “favorites” for the season. Notable composers such as Libby Larsen and Detroit favorite Rick Robinson have been featured this season as well as some classical music favorites such as Hindemith’s “Symphonic Metamorphosis” and Cesar Franck’s “Symphony in D Minor” and some unique classical arrangements such as Ravel’s “Mother Goose Suite” arranged for 13 players.  

DP: When and where are future performances?

BS: The Winter/Spring Season finds the Michigan Philharmonic moving around from the DIA and St. John’s Chapel to the Village Theater in Canton for some Swing music and back to the Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex where they will close out the season with a big musical party featuring a joint performance with all 130 members of the Plymouth Community Band!

Supporters and fans enjoy the opportunities to experience the stories behind the music and on January 19, composer Whitney George joins the orchestra for an in-depth look at musical composition for unique ensembles of performers – as she writes music for musicians who are joined by actors, dancers, circus performers and more.

In March, fans can hear from composer David Biedenbender and trombonist, Ava Ordman as they share their adventure of writing and performing together.  Both professors at MSU, they collaborated on a Trombone Concerto, “Their Eyes are Fireflies”, which will be featured at the March 10 concert in Plymouth.  

A short break for seven performances for 4thgrade students in 5 different school districts in May leads the orchestra into the summer schedule which includes numerous outdoor performances in downtown Plymouth and the Huron Clinton Metroparks.

DP: What are the future goals for Michigan Philharmonic?

BS: The future of Michigan Phil is a bright one. As the orchestra performs throughout the region to an ever growing audience, classical music fans will get the chance to hear some of the Phil’s past concerts as they are part of the new “Great Lakes Concerts Series” which will broadcast concerts from several regional orchestras across the state. 

Details of Events:

January 11, 2019 – Friday Night LIVE at the DIA – features The Michigan Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble “Miniature Masterpieces”  Concerts at 7:00 and 8:30 pm

January 20, 2019 – St. John’s Chapel in Plymouth – “Miniature Masterpieces” at 2:00 pm

February 16, 2019 – “In the Mood for Swing” at the Village Theater in Canton – 7”30 pm

March 10, 2019 – Franck, Fireflies & Fortissimos” at First Methodist Church in Plymouth   2:00 pm

April 6, 2019 – “Philpalooza 2” Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex – 7:30 pm

For more information on all the concerts and programs head to