More with Painting With A Twist – Detroit

More with Painting With A Twist – Detroit
February 6, 2019 Sarah Zientarski

Downtown Detroit is booming with lively new activities and Painting With A Twist – Detroit is a great opportunity to experience the excitement going on in the city while creating a piece of art. Detroit Performs reached out to Donna Lewis, Co-Owner of Painting With A Twist – Detroit to find out what they have to offer. 

Detroit Performs: What is the atmosphere like at Painting With A Twist – Detroit?

Donna Lewis: Our downtown studio has a very colorful artsy feel that is very inviting to our guests as they enter.   Everyone is treated like family and will enjoy our party atmosphere upon entering our studio.

DP: What is your favorite story to come out of Painting With A Twist – Detroit?

DL: (Our customer) Kimberly’s story gives great meaning to “what we do matters!”:

New restaurants are always nice, new dance clubs are exciting, bowling, laser tag spots are all good but soon grow tiresome as soon as the newness wears off. I am one of those people who bore easily… just ask my mom. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and for 3 years I wasn’t too enthused with much of anything. My husband tried to get me to do a many of things. They were draining and did not keep my interest. My girlfriend Heather painted this wonderful picture and posted it on Facebook. I asked her about it,she told me she went to Painting with a Twist and how they instruct, direct and encourage the hidden artist in all of us. I looked up PWAT and found out that they had Family Day. So my kids and I went in October 2010 to paint pumpkins. We each had our own style, we each had wonderful paintings and we each felt calm and at peace. We also walked away with our own creation. It was a great feeling, I wasn’t drained and I returned with my friend Heather and was I excited to know you could bring your favorite drink. Stimulate my mind and quench my thirst with fine wine…. oh I went without my kids, without Heather and found motivation to live and have a creative great time. I invited my friends to join me and I began making plans again and setting up painting dates, and painting play dates for my daughter. I celebrated my 44th birthday at PWAT because I felt there is where I was reborn . I have so many paintings I could start my own museum. I plan on having a fundraiser in October to commemorate my 5th year of being cancer free. I’m having it at the place where I learned there’s so many more things in life I have yet to experience. So the coolest local hot spot—-Painting with a Twist where I love to get Twisted!!!

Forever a Twister,
Kimberly J

DP: What types of private parties will Painting With A Twist – Detroit accommodate?

DL: Birthday parties;  bachelorette parties; baby showers; office/team building parties; graduation parties; organization parties (Red Hat, Junior League, Girl Scouts, etc); field trips; Girl’s Night Out; offsite events; absolutely any reason to get together with your friends/co-workers/neighbors!!

DP: What are the hours at Painting With A Twist – Detroit?

DL: Seven Days a week 10am – 12am.

DP: If a person is walking by Painting With A Twist – Detroit, can they walk in and start painting?

DL: We encourage our guests to pre-register for our classes, however, we can and will accommodate walk in guests that arrive prior to the class starting if we still have seats available.

DP:What open to the public events do you have at Painting With A Twist – Detroit?

DL: Daily open classes; Family Day/kid classes; Senior Day discount classes; Bedazzle Night; Date Night; Girls Night Out;  Ballroom Dancing Night; Paint your Pet; Kids Camp;  Coffee and Canvas;  specialty classes.

(We also have)

Painting with a Purpose – Giving back to our community, one painting at a time.Once a month, our Painting with a Twist studio host a painting event that raises funds for a local or regional non-profit organization. It’s a fun and creative way to give back and support the various causes. 

Adopt a family for the holiday – Each year for the last 4 years we have had the pleasure of sponsoring a family for Christmas.  We personally shop for the family and deliver the gifts to them on Christmas Eve.  This brings a lot of joy and happiness for a family in the metro area that may be in need of something a little special.  We will continue to do adopt a family and we are working towards incorporating a National Painting with a Twist Adopt a Family for all the studios to participate.

Random acts of kindness with Evrod Cassimy – We were honored to be featured on Evrod’s Inspire Today segment where we played a big part in helping him grant a wish to an amazing lady that had inspired someone else’s life. 

You can check out DJ Oliver’s interview at Painting With A Twist – Detroit here: