Shen Yun

Shen Yun
February 27, 2019 paperlesslion

Discover the people and traditions of China — a culture with a history that stretches 3,500 years — through music, choreography, imagery, stagecraft and storytelling at Shen Yun. Performances are March 1-10 at Detroit Opera House.

Organizers report “Shen” means “divine” or “divinity”; and “Yun” means “feeling” or “rhythm.” Their aim is to answer: “What would it be like if beautiful beings came down from the heavens and danced before our eyes?”

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Details from Shen Yun:

You will be taken on a journey to magnificent eras in Chinese history, as well as to periods from China’s recent past. Ancient stories and legends, ethnic and folk traditions, villains and heroes will come to life on stage through classical Chinese dance, live music, and stunning digital backdrops. You can expect an experience like no other, one that not only entertains, but also enriches and inspires.

Some pieces feature stories from ancient Chinese history or mythology, others from contemporary Chinese history, while still others are meant to merely feature the dance form in the setting of different dynasties.

A live orchestra plays original music to accompany each of the dance pieces. Bilingual emcee hosts briefly introduce each piece, to provide you with helpful background so that you can appreciate the experience more fully. Interspersed between the dances are a total of 2-3 classical vocal and sometimes instrumental solos.

Shen Yun productions are unforgettable for their combination of music, dance, brilliant costumes, and animated backdrops—which contain a few surprises!