The Divided City

The Divided City
February 12, 2019 paperlesslion

Discover what the future has in store for Detroit and its people when Detroit Economic Club and Detroit Public TV present a livestream of a timely and vital conversation: The Divided City. In the program, author Allan Mallach and Detroit Design Director Maurice Cox  discuss with journalist Bankole Thompson who are the winners and losers in Detroit’s revival and how to assure the city’s resurgence leaves no citizen behind.

Watch Live TODAY — Tuesday, Feb 12 — at 12:35 p.m. at

Who really benefits from urban revival?

Cities, from trendy coastal areas to the nation’s heartland, are seeing levels of growth beyond the wildest visions of only a few decades ago. Even as cities revive, they are becoming more unequal and more segregated. What does this mean for these cities—and the people who live in them?

The Divided City offers strategies to foster greater equality and opportunity. Author Alan Mallach makes a compelling case that these strategies must be local in addition to being concrete and focused on people’s needs—education, jobs, housing and quality of life. Change, he argues, will come city by city, not through national plans or utopian schemes.

Maurice Cox, Detroit’s Planning and Development Director, has a reputation for developing bold yet achievable plans that become tools for civic discourse and empowerment, embraced by diverse sectors of the community.

Together, Alan and Maurice will share their thoughts on what’s happening in America’s cities and on Detroit’s urban revival in a discussion moderated by Bankole Thompson, an author, Detroit News columnist and radio show host.

As uncomfortable as it may be, this is a crucial conversation — not to be missed by anyone interested in the future of this city.

Detroit Public TV partners with the Detroit Economic Club to present a special livestream of this provocative discussion at 12:35 p.m. at