Mazel Tov, John Lennon

Mazel Tov, John Lennon
March 18, 2019 paperlesslion

Theatre NOVA‘s presentation of “Mazel Tov, John Lennon” will be extended through this weekend. The drama by David Wells is based on the true story of the Nixon administration’s attempt to deport John Lennon.

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The play is set in January 1972: Vietnam war protests are at their peak, and newly ex-Beatled John Lennon walks into the office of Leon Wildes, an eminent immigration lawyer. As ultra-laid-back Lennon and straight-laced Wildes navigate Lennon’s stormy immigration case, an unlikely and comical kinship unfolds, and both men gain a greater understanding of friendship, personal values, and patriotism.

Directed by Carla MilarchMazel Tov, John Lennon features Forrest Hejkal and Phil Powers.